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Dodgers say Matt Kemp trade to Padres not close

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

SAN DIEGO -- Despite rumors of the Dodgers and Padres getting closer on a trade that would send Matt Kemp to San Diego in exchange for Yasmani Grandal and others, general manager Farhan Zaidi said on Tuesday night that any report of a deal being close is inaccurate.

"I would not characterize it that way, no," Zaidi said.

Earlier on Tuesday, reports had the Dodgers and Padres discussing minor league pitchers - Zack Eflin and Joe Ross - as part of a potential trade package. But Zaidi said the two teams weren't anywhere near a deal, going so far as to label such talk as wishful thinking.

"The information that's coming out there," Zaidi cautioned, "may be driven more by either what people have heard in snippets or what people want to believe we're willing to do than what we're actually willing to do."

Zaidi said the Dodgers have had "multiple hits" from teams on his outfielders, and not just Kemp. But it sounds like the market could take some time to fully materialize before the Dodgers make a move.

"We haven't really moved aggressively on any one team or any one situation with that. There sort of continues to be some interest," Zaidi said. "Teams that are out there looking to fill outfield spots, there are still some pretty high-profile free agent outfielders still out there that teams are weighing trade-offs against. That's sort of affecting the timing of our exploration.

"It's counter productive for us to put a timetable on it. We have plenty of time to get something done. We're evaluating the same way we have all offseason."

Zaidi said he has received numerous calls for outfielder Joc Pederson, who is considered along with shortstop Corey Seager and pitcher Julio Urias the Dodgers' top three prospects.

"We're trying to sort of create a long-term plan," Zaidi said. "Those elite prospects are essential to that, but that doesn't keep teams from asking."

Those three were reportedly off limits at the trade deadline this season, but Zaidi said while the team isn't looking to deal those prospects, they could be moved if the price was right.

"We would be willing to [trade top prospects]," Zaidi said, "in the right deal."