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Kasten and Scully introduce SportsNet LA at season ticket holder event at stadium

Dodger President Stan Kasten, HOF broadcaster Vin Scully and other SportsNet LA broadcasters met and did a Q&A with selected season ticket holders at Stadium Club

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers have periodically had season ticket holders meet with the front office to do updates and take questions, on Monday night, they had another session, this time with several broadcasters from the new Dodger network, SportsNet LA.

VIn Scully started the evening expressing to the assembled season ticket holders that he feels the Dodgers are about to embark one of the great stretch runs in the history of the Dodgers.

Scully said you have marvelous players and an ownership that has done what it said it would do.

Scully then recalled back in Brooklyn when the Dodgers would televise 120 games and that was a factor in the attendance so when they came out to Los Angeles, Walter O'Malley only televised games in San Francisco for years.

Scully closed by saying the new network was now not only going to broadcast the games but it would bring fans closer to the Dodgers than ever before.

Also at the event were broadcasters Charley Steiner, Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra, Alanna Rizzo and John Hartung.

On the topic of what will be on the new network besides games, David Rone, President of Sports, News and Local Programming for Time Warner Cable said to the gathering "we're going to be providing truly an immersive 24/7, all Dodgers, all the time programming schedule for this network."

Rone said the network will feature "full game replays, condensed game replays, player profiles, behind the scenes in-depth shows that are going to take fans inside player's lives to show them all the things that happen off-the-field."

Rone added "There are going to be long form interview sessions so you will get to know players and icons within the Dodger organization."

Rone spoke about the "tons of original content," there will be a weekly Dodger show, a nightly show, a "backstage access Dodger show, and a show called "Leadoff LA" which be a pre-pre game show, which will get fans "fired up" about that particular game.  Rone also mentioned a show called "Connected With" that will feature interviews with players, coaches and Dodger icons.

Rone closed with there will be accompanying website that will have editorial and video content, material about their shows, it just won't have games (since that is only available on MLB.TV).

Kasten added a little player personnel news at the event by saying that "we have 59 players in camp, there will be one more coming."  Kasten wouldn't say if the player was a pitcher or position player.

Kasten and VP, Ticket Sales, David Siegel, each mentioned a new Dodger loyalty plan that will be launched during this year.

Kasten spoke about the Dodger international scouting department and said there is not a place on Earth where baseball is being played where the Dodgers are not scouting.  Kasten said next month the Dodgers are sponsoring a semi-pro tournament in Europe, the Dodgers will be scouting it as well as other teams.

Kasten talked about the new ticket policy, he said that there will be a time period where people will have a lot of questions but he thinks in a two-three year period, it should become accepted.  Kasten seemed to indicate that Season Ticket MVP plan will continue (and David Siegel said it would be improved through the loyalty plan).  Details are not available yet.

Kasten also wanted to clarify the pricing of the additional season tickets made available after the Dodgers had closed sales last month.  Kasten said that the tickets that went on sale were already allocated to be sold as single-game tickets which are priced higher than the season tickets that were renewed or sold prior to sales being closed.

Kasten then added the Dodgers discounted the tickets from the individual game prices and are selling those as the additional season tickets.

Kasten expects to season tickets to cap at 34,000.

Finally as the Stadium Club looked out on Dodger Stadium, Kasten believes that the current construction will be finished by the spring training games with the Angels and added that he expects the Wifi to be working on Opening Day.