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Dodgers open to idea of platoon at second base

If neither Alex Guerrero nor Dee Gordon win the job outright, they could end up splitting time at second base in 2014.

Eric Stephen | True Blue LA

GLENDALE -- As the Dodgers figure out what to do at second base, manager Don Mattingly is keeping all of his options open, including a possible platoon at the position.

Alex Guerrero remains the favorite to win the starting job at second base, but with many questions surrounding him there are other candidates willing to step in. Mattingly said he was open to the idea of a platoon involving the right-handed Guerrero, and that it could even prove beneficial to the 27-year-old.

"I like platoons, it gets you a good matchup usually. It keeps those guys both involved, keeps them fresh so they're even better off the bench," Mattingly said. "If Alex is one of those guys, I think it would be good for him, because then you're giving him a chance to play, getting him favorable matchups, but also keeping him strong and rested as someone who hasn't played much in a couple years. I could see that being a possibility."

The most likely platoon at second base would involve Guerrero and the left-handed Dee Gordon, who like Guerrero will see a lot of time at second base this spring.

Gordon in his brief major league career has hit .271/.316/.348 against right-handed pitching, much better than his .221/.267/.232 mark against southpaws. In the minors in 2013, Gordon hit .316/.401/.419 against righties and .270/.350/.333 against left-handers.

Of the other options at the position Justin Turner, Brendan Harris, Miguel Rojas and Justin Sellers are all right-handed (Turner has a reverse platoon split in his career, hitting right-handers better), and Chone Figgins is a switch-hitter.

The most important thing to remember is that it is still quite early in camp and the Dodgers will have nearly four more weeks of workouts and games before having to make any kind of decision.

"We have a lot of games to see with Alex and a lot of those guys," Mattingly said. "We're hoping it works itself out."