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Sandy Koufax hit in head by line drive during batting practice

The 78-year-old Koufax was in good spirits on his way to the clubhouse after being struck, telling fans he was okay.

Koufax, seen here earlier in the week, in safer times at Camelback Ranch.
Koufax, seen here earlier in the week, in safer times at Camelback Ranch.
Eric Stephen | True Blue LA

GLENDALE -- Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax was struck in the head by a line drive off the bat of Andre Ethier during batting practice on Friday on the back fields at Camelback Ranch. Koufax was just beyond the bullpen on the third base side of Field 1 at Camelback Ranch, roughly equivalent to shallow left field.

"I'm fine," Koufax told reporters afterward, with only a cut on his forehead.

Koufax was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, and a CT scan came back negative.

There was a hush from the crowd and players just from the sound of the ball hitting something, then even more so when it was discovered Koufax was the victim.

"That didn't look too good, did it," asked manager Don Mattingly, who was about 150 feet away behind the batting cage when Koufax was hit.

Clayton Kershaw was nearby, warming up and about to pitch live batting practice when Koufax was hit.

"It didn't look good, but I'm glad he walked off," Kershaw said.

I wasn't close enough to snap a photo, but Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times was:

The good news is that Koufax appears to be okay. He was driven on a cart by assistant team trainer Nancy Patterson-Flynn to the minor league side of camp for treatment. After a few minutes the duo returned and drove to the major league clubhouse, and in doing so Koufax smiled and told to fans in passing that he was okay.