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Dodgers 2014 profile: Joc Pederson, waiting for his chance

After three good years in the minors, Joc Pederson will find himself subject to trade rumors this year as he plays somewhere in the minors while the Dodgers hope to juggle their four outfielders for three spots

Joc Pederson was drafted in the 11th round but wasn't signed to a 11th round bonus as he received a reported $600K to sign on the deadline day in August 2010. As a result of signing that late, he only played three games in Rookie ball that year and he didn't really begin his first professional season until 2011.

Pederson began that season in the Midwest League but that proved to be a big challenge for the 19 year old as he didn't have an extra-base hit in 60 plate appearances. Pederson was then sent to the Pioneer League where he credited hitting coach Johnny Washington in a 2012 interview with helping him get back his swing.

[Washington's] approach of going through the middle got me to stay on balls longer and it gives me more power to all parts of the field," Pederson said. "He took me into the video room and showed me how big leaguers do it. I had a misconception of what I was doing."

Pederson had a solid year in the Pioneer League and was named the Number 3 prospect of that league by Baseball America.

Pederson repeated his top 3 prospect status in the California League in 2012, where he played his first full season of professional baseball. In August 2012, Pederson was joined by Yasiel Puig for the first of two teams in which they would be outfield teammates.

In 2013, Pederson played for the Chattanooga Lookouts and he had another great year. Pederson was Baseball America's No. 7 prospect in the league as he led the league slugging, second in home runs and runs, third in OBP, and steals and fifth in walks. Baseball America manager's poll showed Pederson as the best defensive outfielder and most exciting player in the Southern League.

Pederson has been named among the top 3 prospects in the Dodger system going into 2014 season by several baseball publications and is also among the top 50 prospects in all of baseball, most recently by Baseball America.

Pederson, who was invited to his first major league Spring training camp this year, said about this experience, "just excited to be here, see how the big leaguers do things and try to learn some things."

About rumors that Pederson could come up to the Dodgers last year, Pederson said "I definitely heard about it but I tried not to focus on it, just go about my business, if it happens and happens but it is all out of my control."

Between the Cal League and Southern League pitchers, Pederson thought that the Southern League pitchers had "a little more control, you just have to be selective as a hitter and get a good pitch."

Pederson had no preference on where he could play for the Dodgers in 2014 saying whatever "[Mattingly] thinks, I'll be able to help the team win."


Joc's father Stu Pederson had a cup of coffee for the NL West winning 1985 Dodgers and his brother Tyger was drafted in the 33rd round in 2013 draft and played second base for the Arizona Dodgers last year.

Contract status

Pederson is not on the 40-man roster and still has all three options remaining.


2011 - Rookie
19 310 20 11 .353/.429/.568 .426
2011 - Midwest - A
19 60 0 0 .160/.288/.160 .237
2012 - Cal - A
20 499 26 18 .313/.396/.516 .400
2013 - Southern - AA
21 519 24 22 .278/.381/.497 .398
2014 projections - Age 22 season
Oliver 600 23 23 .228/.319/.415 .321
PECOTA 66 3 2 .246/.313/.404 N/A
Steamer 20 1 1 .244/.315/.389 .311
ZiPS 531 22 15 .253/.314/.408 .318

2014 outlook

Anything can happen but I think that short of a couple of injuries, Pederson will only see late season action for the Dodgers getting more like a pot of coffee. He'll get his first home run and a couple of doubles in 23 plate appearances for the Dodgers. What do you think?