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Dodgers over/under 2014 record set at 92½ wins

No team in the National League has a number as high as the Dodgers heading into 2014.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

GLENDALE -- Manager Don Mattingly has talked all camp about the high expectations of his team heading into 2014, that he welcomes them. The folks at Bovada think highly enough of the Dodgers relative to their National League West competition, and have them with the highest over/under win total in baseball in their opening preseason odds.

The over/under on the Dodgers is set at 92½ wins, one year after they went 92-70 and advanced to the National League Championship Series.

The team with the second-highest number is the Cardinals, at 90½ wins. It seems like there is some money to be made with some over bets, as Bovada has only two teams with an over/under number of at least 90 wins.

The Tigers are next at 89½ wins, followed by the Rays and Athletics at 88½ victories. The Nationals are also at 88½ wins, one win more than the Braves at 87½. The World Series champion Red Sox have an over/under at 87½ wins.

The Giants are the closest team to the Dodgers in the NL West, at 86½ wins. The Diamondbacks, after two straight 81-81 seasons, are at 80½ wins. Rounding out the division are the Padres at 78½ wins and the Rockies at 76½ victories.