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Dodgers 2014 profile: Tim Federowicz, back again in his role

Tim Federowicz opened the 2013 season as the backup catcher and was optioned back to AAA a few times but finally took over in June.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Catchers are often some of the more glib talkers on the ball club and Tim Federowicz is no exception. When asked if he felt any different this spring training than last year, Federowicz said, "Yeah, a little bit, I mean I still have one option left. I think I kind of earned my stripes last year, be a good back up."

Federowicz believed a big step for him was getting Don Mattingly and Rick Honeycutt's trust in his ability to call a game, "That was the biggest thing, they got to know me a bit, that I know what I am doing out there."

Federowicz worked with Mark McGwire on his hitting during the off-season but he also took time to get in condition for the long season. Even if he doesn't start, Federowicz is still catching bullpens and reading scouting reports on his opponent.

Federowicz will try to catch Dan Haren a few times this spring and then go over with him how they want to call his game. He'll also spend time looking at film as that as something they do throughout the season.

Federowicz added that one thing he'll do during spring training is work with the minor league catchers that are brought in at the beginning of camp. Federowicz recalled how a Red Sox catcher helped him when he first arrived to big league camp, "Jason Varitek was the catcher at the first camp I was at and I got to learn a lot from him. A.J. [Ellis] helps [the minor league catchers] out too. They always ask me questions so it is good to be able them a little."

Former Dodger catcher Steve Yeager is a catching instructor at Camelback and Federowicz said besides the normal catching drill work, Yeager also shares his experience, "[Yeager] was such a good catcher and he had the right mind set that a catcher should have everyday."

One thing to watch if you are curious to see if there is a back up catcher race, last year, A.J. Ellis and Federowicz each started on alternate days so if you see other catchers working with the main starters in the next few weeks, that could be something.


One of many former Tar Heels in the majors, Federowicz is a 184 home runs behind Tar Heel MLB leader, B.J. Surhoff.

Contract status

Federowicz is two years away from being arbitration eligible. As he said, Federowicz has one option left.

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2011 - AA
23 383 20 8 .277/.338/.407 .334
2011 - AAA
23 102 7 6 .325/.431/.627 .448
2012 - AAA
24 475 34 11 .294/.371/.461 .367
2013 25 173 8 4 .231/.275/.356 .266
2014 projections - Age 26 season
Bill James 217 13 6 .261/.323/.417 N/A
Oliver 600 26 14 .222/.288/.351 .282
PECOTA 172 9 4 .244/.307/.385 N/A
Steamer 117 6 2 .228/.298/.352 .287
ZiPS 415 19 9 .233/.295/.362 .289

2014 outlook

I think Federowicz will get 215 plate appearances and hit 11 doubles and 6 home runs with a .680 OPS, what do you think?