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Ross Stripling injury: Dodgers RHP to have MRI on elbow

Stripling, 24, complained of elbow pain after his outing on Wednesday, not the first time in camp he experienced discomfort.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

GLENDALE -- Dodgers right-hander Ross Stripling will have an MRI on his right elbow on Friday after experiencing elbow pain in his appearance on Wednesday. He was shut down, pending results of the exam.

Stripling faced 10 batters in two innings against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday, allowing five hits and a run, with one strikeout. He felt something in his elbow earlier in the week but didn't tell any trainers or coaches.

"Five or six days ago he had some stuff going on and didn't let anybody know. In the game the other day he felt it again," said manager Don Mattingly on Friday. "We need to find out what's going on."

Mattingly stressed the importance of communication, especially with young players.

"We didn't hear a thing about it. He didn't tell a trainer, and didn't tell a coach. It's one thing we talk about with young guys, it happens every spring," Mattingly said. "You ask them to let somebody know, but they don't want to tell anybody because they want to compete.

"A lot of times you feel like if you just go and take care of it, it may kick you off your schedule for two days instead of a week or 10 days. This really pushes you back in a short camp."

The contrast MRI is a little more involved than a regular MRI in that it involves the insertion of dye for a better view. In addition, most players are shut down for a few days after the contrast MRI due to soreness.

Stripling was 6-4 with a 2.78 ERA in Double-A Chattanooga in 2013, with 83 strikeouts and just 19 walks in 94 innings. He is in his first big league camp this year as a non-roster invitee. The 24-year-old, drafted by the Dodgers out of Texas A&M in the fifth round in 2012, was rated the team's seventh-best prospect by Baseball Prospectus and the 10th best prospect by Baseball America this offseason.