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Brian Wilson, Brandon League & varying concern

Both Dodgers relievers allowed two runs in their outing on Monday, but the concern about them is for different reasons.

Christian Petersen

GLENDALE -- A pair of Dodgers relief pitchers had rough outings on Monday against the Athletics, causing a bit of a stir, though the degree of concern may depend on your point of view.

The good news for the Dodgers is that both Brian Wilson and Brandon League are healthy, with no issues to report. Both allowed two runs in an abbreviated outing on Monday, both unable to finish the inning they started.

With Wilson, there was a bit of a scare when facing his first batter, Addison Russell, both manager Don Mattingly and assistant trainer Greg Harrel ran out to the mound for a visit.

"The reason I ended up going out there was because Rick [Honeycutt, pitching coach] said he saw something. As Greg is talking to him, he said he's not hurting anywhere. He did say he warmed up a long time that inning," Mattingly said. "He sounds fine."

The mound meeting ended quickly with Wilson remaining in the game and not needing to throw a warm-up pitch. Russell hit a booming double to left center field, and scored on a single by Jose Martinez.

Wilson said he was fine after the game, as did director of medical services Stan Conte. Wilson was pulled one batter later, but because he was at his pitch limit of 15 pitches, as most of the regular relievers are pitching an accelerated schedule this week to get ready for Australia (one day off before next outing, then back-to-back days during the weekend, for instance).

In his three months with the Dodgers, counting the postseason, Wilson only allowed a run in one of 24 appearances, on Sept. 7 in Cincinnati. Mattingly said the similarity between that game and Monday vs. Oakland was a pro-longed warm-up period for Wilson.

"The only time we've really ever seen him get hit is when he's had to warm up a long time," Mattingly said. "He got hit last year in Cincinnati when he went up and down, and had to wait."

League, however, was hit hard often in 2013, and his 2014 spring training has left a little to be desired. League pitched the sixth inning on Monday and after he walked his first batter (old friend Nick Punto), Josh Donaldson hit a tape measure shot to center field for a two-run home run.

League was removed two batters later.

In three Cactus League appearances this spring, League has faced 16 batters and retired half of them. He has allowed five runs and four walks in 2⅔ innings. With just six days before the team boards a flight to Australia, the team could face a tough decision regarding League, who has $15 million and two years remaining on his contract.

"Obviously we're not happy with the results. Brandon's not happy with the results," Mattingly said. "We continue on, we're glad it's spring training. He's getting work, and you've got to continue to get better and get the ball where you want to get it. His velocities are up, pretty much where we expect him to be."

After re-watching all three of League's appearances this spring, he has thrown 66 total pitches. Of those, 29 have been balls; 22 (33.3%) have been swung at (his career rate is 48.7%) with only two swings and misses (3.0%), down from 10.1% career.

Rotation set

After Dan Haren Tuesday and one of the Zack(h)s Wednesday, Paul Maholm will start Thursday for the Dodgers against Cincinnati and Josh Beckett gets the call Friday in Mesa against the Cubs, Mattingly said Monday. Beckett, who like Maholm last pitched on Saturday, will be pitching with an extra day of rest.