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Clayton Kershaw favored to win 2014 NL Cy Young Award

A $100 bet on Kershaw to win the National League Cy Young Award in 2014 would net $650 if he wins.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw is the favorite to win his third National League Cy Young Award in four years, per the sports book at Bovada. Kershaw is also one of five Dodgers listed with odds to win NL Most Valuable Player.

Kershaw has 13/2 odds to win the Cy Young Award, which if he wins would tie him with Sandy Koufax for the most in franchise history. Eight players in history have won the award three times: Roger Clemens (seven times), Randy Johnson (five), Steve Carlton (four), Greg Maddux (four), Koufax, Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer and Pedro Martinez.

Adam Wainwright and Stephen Strasburg are next in line, with 8/1 odds to win the NL Cy Young Award, and Jose Fernandez is at 10/1. Zack Greinke has 15/1 odds, Hyun-Jin Ryu is at 20/1, Kenley Jansen is at 50/1, and Josh Beckett is at 100/1.

Bovada picked Yasiel Puig as the most likely Dodger to win NL MVP at 14/1 odds. Matt Kemp is at 16/1, Kershaw is at 20/1, Hanley Ramirez has 25/1 odds, and Adrian Gonzalez is at 33/1. The favorites in the National League to win MVP are Andrew McCutchen (6/1), Joey Votto (7/1), and Paul Goldschmidt (9/1).

Chris Davis, who led baseball with 53 home runs in 2013, is the favorite to hit the most home runs during the regular season at 8/1 odds. Miguel Cabrera has 9/1 odds, and Giancarlo Stanton is at 10/1 odds. The highest-rated Dodger on the list is Kemp, given 33/1 odds to hit the most home runs in baseball this season. Yasiel Puig has 40/1 odds and Adrian Gonzalez is at 75/1 odds.