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Dodger Stadium Construction Update

The bullpen overlooks aren't the only additions to Dodger Stadium this season.

I had the pleasure of touring Dodger Stadium on Friday and got to take a couple pictures of the bullpen overlooks being built and improvements to the club level.

The bullpen overlooks are coming along nicely. For the first time it sounds/looks like fans will be able to walk around the entire stadium if their tickets allow it. The overlooks look like they will connect the field or loge level to the bleachers. Here is what they look like from the press box (right field and then left field respectively):     Rf_from_pbox_medium


Here is what they look like from the field (right field and left field respectively):



But those aren't the only construction updates going on at Dodger Stadium right now. The club levels are being re-painted on both baselines and a bar is being added to the club level on the third base side (I couldn't see if one was being added on the first base side). The picture below is where the bar is being added. Sorry it's so blurry.


On a separate note, the grass is spongy and looks amazing, the improved weight room and batting cages are incredible, and the stadium as whole is still blue heaven on Earth.


Here is the press release from January 7th where the Dodgers' announced all the improvements they were making this offseason.