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Chad Billingsley has normal soreness after throwing curves

Billingsley will play catch Sunday and throw another bullpen session on Tuesday.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

GLENDALE -- Dodgers right-hander Chad Billingsley said he felt soreness in his elbow one morning after throwing curve balls for the first time in 10 months since Tommy John surgery last April, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"You expect yourself to feel perfect because of the new ligament, so every little thing has you thinking of the surgery in the back of your mind," Billingsley said.

The soreness was to be expected, especially after Billingsley increased his velocity and added curves to his repertoire. His previous bullpen sessions involved simulated innings of 15 pitches each, with rest in between, but on Saturday threw 30 pitches straight.

"I had good spin on it. Just getting the feeling back and the release point. I definitely was rusty, but overall it was good," Billingsley said on Saturday. "At this stage of the rehab, we're really testing it, stressing the ligament a little more, building strength into it."

Billingsley will play catch on Sunday, and is expected to throw another bullpen session on Tuesday.