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Adrian Gonzalez, MLB stolen base leader

With the Dodgers and Diamondbacks starting 10 days before everybody else in baseball, they had a shot to establish several firsts in MLB for 2014. In one particular area on Saturday night (Sunday in Sydney), an unexpected speed demon emerged.

In the fifth inning Adrian Gonzalez led off with a walk, one of two walks in the game for the Dodgers first baseman and the first of three straight walks for Trevor Cahill in the inning that proved to be his undoing. But before the walk barrage began Gonzalez took off for second base and made it easily, even advancing to third base on an errant throw by catcher Miguel Montero.

It was the first stolen base of the season in MLB.

The last Dodger to lead the National League in steals was Davey Lopes, with 63 steals in 1976. He is now the first base coach for Gonzalez and the Dodgers.

Gonzalez before joining the Dodgers in August 2012 stole two bases in 1,140 career games, and was caught stealing twice. Since getting traded to Los Angeles, Gonzalez has played in 195 games and now has four stolen bases without getting caught once.

Welcome your current major league stolen base leader. Gonzalez had some fun with it after the game.