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Tim Federowicz has rough night behind the plate

The Dodgers catcher had quite an adventure in the later innings on Friday night.

SportsNet LA

LOS ANGELES -- Tim Federowicz had a rough couple innings behind the plate in Friday's 4-2 loss to the Diamondbacks. In a span of two innings at catcher he saw two wild pitches, including one on an intentional walk, then got hit in the arm by a bat on catcher's interference which simultaneously saw him take a pitch directly in the groin.

First the ninth inning, with the score tied at 1-1 and the speedy Tony Campana at third base, Chris Withrow sailed a pitch intended to be part of an intentional walk to Martin Prado. Instead, the go-ahead run scored.

"I've seen it but have never been a part of it. Part of me thinks I could have caught it," Federowicz recalled after the game. "It's definitely not what you're expecting. I got caught in between steps trying to step out to get a little bit away from the hitter. He lost it up a little bit. I tried to jump and couldn't get to it. It's unfortunate that's what ended up taking us into extras."

Withrow followed with another wild pitch later in the inning that went right through the legs of Federowicz, who similarly accepted blame for another Withrow wild pitch on Tuesday in San Francisco.

"I got a little stuck, and couldn't quite get down in time," Federowicz said of Friday's second wild pitch. "It caught me off guard, it can't happen. Again."

Juan Uribe tied the game in the ninth inning with a solo home run, and Federowicz was on deck. Had Uribe not homered, manager Don Mattingly said he would have pinch hit Dee Gordon for Federowicz with two outs down a run.

"Dee would have hit there," Mattingly said. "We were kind of looking to run [Gordon] anywhere if anyone gets on other than Carl Crawford, in that inning."

Federowicz was called for catcher's interference in the 10th inning as Paul Goldschmidt's bat hit his arm. Subsequently, the pitch from Brandon League hit a distracted Federowicz square in the groin.

per Chad Moryiama

"I think you guys know where the ball hit me," Federowicz said, smiling. "It wasn't where I wanted to be hit that's for sure. It didn't hit anything but that, so obviously it was tough."

To add to his pain, Federowicz had to have his left wrist wrapped, where he was hit by Goldschmidt's bat. But the catcher said X-rays were taken and were negative, and that it didn't affect his ability to swing a bat. Though the latter could be taken multiple ways since after his 0-for-5 on Friday, Federowicz is 2-for-27 (.074) on the season.

Federowicz, who has caught seven of the nine games since starter A.J. Ellis was placed on the disabled list, was in good spirits despite getting beat up behind the plate.

"It's part of my position, it's what I signed up for," he said. "I can take it."

Federowicz recovered to throw out Goldschmidt trying to steal second base in the 12th inning, and has caught four of 13 runners (30.8%) trying to steal this season.