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Matt Kemp: 'There's no room for racism in any of our games'

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp unwittingly became a part of the mess involving Clippers owner Donald Sterling on Sunday morning, with an expanded 15-minute tape of Sterling making racist comments acquired by Deadspin.

At issue was a picture with Kemp and Sterling's mistress V. Stiviano, posted on her Instagram.

Kemp said he knew Stiviano through mutual friends.

"I was shocked, because I haven't been to a basketball game since maybe last year, and I did take my mom to a game," Kemp said. "I remember taking a picture with her. I never knew taking a picture with somebody would lead to something like this."

Kemp responded to Sterling's reported racist comments.

"Racism is kind of old," Kemp said. "I'm just shocked that anybody feels that way toward Latins, blacks, white people. We all bleed, we are all the same people.

"The NBA, Major League Baseball, we're a close family. We all stick together. There's no room for racism in any of our games."

Kemp has been a regular at both Clippers and Lakers games during the offseason, but he said he would think twice about going to Clippers games if Sterling is still the owner.

"That would be tough," Kemp said. "I'd have to think about that one."

Kemp was asked about what punishment Sterling should receive from the NBA.

"What will a suspension do for an owner? He still has the team, he's still making money. You fine him? He's a billionaire, what good is fining him going to do?," Kemp rhetorically asked. "This is bigger the game."

Kemp changed his walk-up at-bat music on Sunday to "Black or White" by Michael Jackson.