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Dodger Stadium to have metal detectors beginning Monday

Otto Greule Jr

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers will begin to phase in metal detectors beginning Monday at Dodger Stadium, testing out the technology before the series opener against the Marlins. By the start of the 2015 season, every MLB team will be required to have a screening process of some sort at all stadium entrances.

The plan will be used Monday, Wednesday and for 20 home games this season.

At select gates on Monday, fans will pass through a metal detector before their tickets are scanned. Fans will be required to place cell phones and any other "large metal objects" before passing through the metal detectors, but the Dodgers say unlike the Transportation Security Administration fans won't be required to remove shoes, belts or smaller items prior to passing through the system.

The Dodgers say those who don't want to pass through the metal detector will have an option of being checked via a handheld device.

These changes are part of the league's work with the Department of Homeland Security to heighten and streamline security practices around Major League Baseball. The Mariners began implementing the metal detectors in April, and for an idea of how fans might be affected here are Seattle's frequently asked questions.