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A.J. Ellis on Miguel Olivo biting incident: 'Some people are hungry to get to the big leagues'

Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis was a guest again on Intentional Talk, and delivered the funny yet again. Watching a clip of highlights of his previous appearances on the MLB Network program, Ellis quipped, "I'm funny. I didn't realize how funny I was."

Ellis disclosed that he bought P.F. Changs for the Isotopes during his two-game stint on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Albuquerque, and that he put a one-meal limit because he was still going through the salary arbitration process, and that Clayton Kershaw, with his $215 million contract, could afford multiple spreads per game, catered by Wolfgang Puck.

Asked if he feared for his ears, after the Miguel Olivo incident in Salt Lake City, Ellis delivered the line of the interview.

"Some people are hungry to get to the big leagues," Ellis said.