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Clayton Kershaw: 'If you don’t like Taylor Swift, you’re just lying to yourself'

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was a guest on Intentional Talk on MLB Network on Monday, and was pretty funny.

Kershaw poked fun at usual IT guest A.J. Ellis, who he said looks like he wants to murder someone right now while on the disabled list.

"He’s such a grouch right now, being on the DL for so long," Kershaw joked. "We’ve gotta get this guy playing again. Who could’ve thought this guy’s vertical jump was high enough to hurt his ankle on that catcher’s mask? You can barely fit a piece of paper under there, it’s unbelievable."

Ellis did get back at Kershaw by sending in a pair of photos of the pitcher, including a wedding photo of Kershaw.

Kershaw also said this of his favorite singer.

"If you don’t like Taylor Swift, you’re just lying to yourself," he said. "If you’re a dude and you think you don’t like her, just get over yourself."