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Dodgers July 4 caps are terrible

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As they do a few times each season, Major League Baseball will have all 30 teams wear a specially designed cap for a specific holiday. July 4 is one of those holidays, and this year's cap will feature the American flag etched into a star behind each team's primary logo in white, with red or blue crowns and brims.

These are terrible.

The Dodgers wear blue. Every cap design meeting involving the Dodgers should have one simple question: "Is the cap blue?"

If the answer is no, then "get the hell out of my office" is an appropriate response, maybe even using the example of Victor Matlin kindly escorting Axel Foley out of his Beverly Hills office.

It's not just the Dodgers. Why not let each team keep their colors? The Giants wear black and orange, the Pirates black and yellow, the A's wear green and gold. They shouldn't have to wear red and/or dark blue.

Look, the underlying purpose of these hats is for a great cause, with 100 percent of the proceeds of the sales of these abominations going to Welcome Back Veterans. MLB has contributed more than $30 million to Welcome Back Veterans since 2008, and that is wonderful.

Keep selling these caps to fans if you want. There are plenty of people with terrible taste who will buy them. Just don't make major league players wear them.

Dodgers wear blue. That's it.