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Chad Billingsley pretty sure he won't be pitching anymore this season

Chad Billingsley
Chad Billingsley
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Los Angeles - Chad Billingsley met with the media before tonight's game and went through what happened during and following his last rehab start in Rancho Cucamonga this past Sunday.

Billingsley said that his chances of pitching in 2014 were "very, very, very, very, very, very slim."

Billingsley said "he's not there yet" in terms of making a decision regarding surgery to repair his partially torn flexor tendon.

Billingsley felt fine after his first inning of work last Sunday but then during the second inning, "I don't know if it was fatigue or something but it was sore.  I continued to still pitch, met my 30 pitch limit."  Billingsley wanted to see how he felt the next morning, he had flown back to Arizona after Sunday's game, it turned out Billingsley felt fine, no soreness, played catch on Monday and felt fine.

On Tuesday, Billingsley said his long toss went fine then when he began his bullpen session, "about halfway through, it happened again, I felt sore."

Billingsley said there was a difference on what happened during his first rehab start in April where scar tissue "popped", the tendon was stretched and he had tendinitis but this injury wasn't present.  Billingsley doesn't know when the tendon injury occurred except it was after the diagnosis following his first rehab start and last Sunday.

Don Mattingly said that " [team doctor, Dr. Neal ElAttrache] is back tomorrow.  I'm sure they have been able to talk but it is really Chad's place to be able to get to the doctor and decide what he wants to do."

On other player updates, nothing changed from yesterday's update, Crawford is playing in Arizona, Uribe is moving better and taking batting practice.