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Dodgers go for sweep, Scott Van Slyke, Jamie Romak and Drew Butera in starting lineup

Joe Robbins

LOS ANGELES -- Jamie Romak becomes the third different player to start at third base this weekend as the Dodgers go for the sweep of the Diamondbacks.

The Dodgers have already clinched the season series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, as they play their 14th of 19 games this season.

Mattingly said that Scott Van Slyke is starting because Mattingly feels comfortable with Van Slyke in center field and Ethier is just getting a day off from starting. 

Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez have had success against Arroyo, Kemp has a 1.137 OPS in 29 PA with 2 home runs and Ramirez has a .917 OPS in 24 PA with 1 home run.

Aaron Hill has 43 PA against Josh Beckett, that is almost as many as the next four Diamondbacks have together.  Hill has a 1.044 OPS with a home run.