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Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez & Drew Butera on the 7th inning

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles -- Josh Beckett described the top of the seventh as an inning where  "everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."  With one out, Miguel Montero appeared to ground into the second out of top of 7th.  Beckett saw it as a "jam shot to second base."  As to who should have been covering first base on that ball, Beckett said "I don't get into that."

Adrian Gonzalez didn't see the ball come off Montero's bat at first and when Gonzalez did see the ball, Gonzalez said " I thought the ball was between [Dee Gordon and Gonzalez] so I went to it."

No one covered first base and Gordon, charging the ball, could not outrace the Diamondback's catcher to the bag.

Don Mattingly added that it felt like "that one inning got away" and if Dee Gordon could have fielded a later ground ball that frame, that got through him and allowed two runs to score, the Dodgers "could have gotten the runner at third or at least held the runner there."

Drew Butera was on first as the Dodgers tried to come back in the bottom of the 7th. Jamie Romak got aboard on Didi Gregorius's error and then Butera worked a walk after getting behind 0-2, which put runners on first and second and Justin Turner came up to pinch hit for Beckett. Turner proceeded to hit a drive that hit the left field wall.

Butera said "as soon as [Turner] hit it, I thought I could score."  Butera said that third base coach Lorenzo Bundy had the "stop sign" up and Butera picked it up too late. That led to Butera being tagged out after he slipped while stopping, which made the first out of the inning at third base.

Mattingly also answered if the Dodgers had thought about pinch-hitting left-hand hitting Andre Ethier in the 8th inning for Jamie Romak, Mattingly said they did think about but thought Romak would match up well with sidearmer Brad Ziegler's stuff. The plan was to have Ethier pinch hit for Butera or maybe the pitcher's spot had it come up in that inning.

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