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Dodgers agree to terms with 8th-round pick Hunter Redman, per reports

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers have agreed to terms with eighth-round pick Hunter Redman, a catcher out of Texas Tech, per both tthe Midland Reporter Telegram in Texas and Lubbock NBC television affiliate KCBD.

Redman told Len Hayward of the Midland Reporter Telegram that he would sign the contract on Wednesday, and first report to the Dodgers facility at Camelback Ranch in Arizona. Redman will likely either begin with rookie level Ogden or Class-A Great Lakes.

The junior hit .246/.285/.268 for the Red Raiders in 2014, and made it to the College World Series in Omaha.

"When it happened at first I was dead set on signing," Hunter told Hayward. "As the rest of our playoffs went and going to Omaha and all that, and as we kept going, I had second thoughts of maybe I should come back. It was hard leaving that coaching staff and that university because they’ve been so good to me. At the same time, it’s something I’ve dreamed of my whole life. It would be tough to turn down."

While we don't yet know the bonus amount received by Redman, the most important thing is that he is signed so that the Dodgers can use his allotted slot amount of $154,500 for the No. 249 overall pick. Here is a look at the Dodgers draft bonus pool.

Dodgers 2014 Draft Bonus Pool
Round Pick Name Pos Bonus Slot amount Overage
1 22 Grant Holmes RHP $2,500,000 $1,980,500 $519,500
2 62 Alex Verdugo OF $914,600 $914,600 $0
3 98 John Richy RHP $534,400 $534,400 $0
4 129 Jeff Brigham RHP $396,300 $396,300 $0
5 159 Jared Walker 3B $296,700 $296,700 $0
6 189 Brock Stewart RHP $190,000 $222,200 ($32,200)
7 219 Trevor Oaks RHP $161,600 $166,600 ($5,000)
8 249 Hunter Redman C unknown $154,500 unknown
9 279 Matt Campbell RHP $20,000 $144,300 ($124,300)
10 309 Colin Hering OF $5,000 $137,600 ($132,600)
Bonuses over $100,000 (rounds 11-40) $0 $0 $0
Totals $5,018,600 $4,947,700 +$225,400 (+4.56%)

The team pays an overage tax of 75 percent on any mount over their allotted amount, but once the team reaches five percent over, the penalties become more punitive, beginning with the loss of a first-round draft pick.

The amount over $100,000 for any bonuses after the 10th round will count toward the bonus pool. To date, the Dodgers don't have any reported late bonuses over $100,000.

With Redman's numbers, it would be truly stunning if he signed for anywhere near the slot amount. He hit .328/.384/.358 in 24 games in conference play, which means in his other 24 games he was 13-for-75, hitting just .173/.192/.187.

The Dodgers have now signed 28 of their 40 draft picks, including each of the top 10. That includes Redman and 28th-round outfielder Billy Bereszniewicz, who haven't officially been announced by the team but Bereszniewicz has already played for the AZL Dodgers. A 29th signee is also likely, as 11th-round pitcher A.J. Vanegas out of Stanford is listed on the roster for Ogden but hasn't yet appeared in a game.