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Updates on Juan Uribe and Carl Crawford

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City - Don Mattingly gave a brief update on the status of a few of the rehabbing Dodgers during his pre-game interview.

Carl Crawford began his running program in Arizona, right now limited to Ultra-G machine where he can run at a percentage of his weight.

Juan Uribe will DH tonight and play third base Tuesday for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the Dodgers will re-evaluate Uribe after those two games.

Scott Elbert will throw again Tuesday, but Mattingly didn't say where.

Justin Turner is getting a day off after starting all three games in San Diego.  Expect Turner to be in the lineup in one or both games remaining in this series.

Despite those injuries, Mattingly thinks the Dodgers are in a good place right now.

"For a couple weeks now we have been playing with good energy, been fairly consistent," Mattingly said. "Hopefully we have hit our stride and now we have to keep this pace up."

Mattingly said the biggest challenge in managing in an American League park are the pitching changes since they are not affected by when the pitcher is coming to bat.

Mattingly came up with the Yankees in 1982 and he was well aware of the Yankees rivalry with those Royals teams.

"George [Brett] was still playing, Hal McRae, Willie Wilson and we still had Goose [Gossage] and [Graig] Nettles and all of those guys who had played in those playoff series," Mattingly recalled. "For the first couple of years I was here, it was still a pretty good rivalry."

When asked if Matttingly was there for the "Pine Tar" game, Mattingly said "Brett hit the homer."  Note Mattngly pinch-hit and played the remainder of the game and when the game resumed from the point Brett was called out, Mattingly played second base.  Despite Brett being called out, two runs did score on the home run and the Royals won the game 5-4.