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Hanley Ramirez removed from lineup due to shoulder irritation

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

KANSAS CITY -- Don Mattingly had initially written in Hanley Ramirez in Tuesday's lineup but after Ramirez reported pain in his shoulder while swinging the bat on Monday night, Carlos Triunfel replaced Ramirez at shortstop.

"It's no true injury, more the shoulder thing. He felt it a little bit in San Diego," said manager Don Mattingly "He felt a little bit swinging yesterday and had never not felt that at all [before]."

Mattingly said it was the same thing that Ramirez had felt in Cincinnati but would not go as far as say it was the A-C joint or say if there were any plans for a cortisone shot. Mattingly said the team would know more after batting practice whether or not Ramirez would be available to hit or play in the field during Tuesday's game.

The shoulder injury is something Ramirez has dealt with off and on the last two seasons, and was an injury Mattingly didn't expect would land his shortstop on the disabled list.

"At this point I'm not that concerned because it seems like he had a little bit of this over the last couple of years, so it is not like that this is the first time I ever heard about this," Mattingly said. "We'll pay attention, he will get treatment, and we'll just kind of take it day-to-day."

Mattingly confirmed that outside of Triunfel playing for Ramirez, the other moves were already planned, Dee Gordon was getting a day off, Yasiel Puig was starting at designated hitter and Jamie Romak was starting in right field.

Also today marks the fifth time in his career and first time as a Dodger that Justin Turner is starting in the lead off spot.