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Carlos Frias pitches well in blowout loss

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- Kevin Correia cannot be accused of not playing with a sense of urgency.

"I knew this could be one of my last starts before I moved to the bullpen," he said.

Correia recognizes how being on a team contention is different than being on one looking toward next year.

"This one is going to bother me for a while given the situation," Correia said "this one hurts more than I can remember in quite a while"

In saying that, Correia wasn't going to dwell on this performance.

"I'm not out here to embarrass myself," Correia said, "It is just this situation adds a little more desire to do well than the situation I came from."

Correia didn't think that he was one defensive play away from getting out the third because Wright's one hopper was drilled and Correia thought there wasn't a lot the fielders could do.

"They weren't missing too many barrels, Mattingly said, "[Correia] was not so good today. We kind of hurt of ourselves on a couple [of those runs]."

Mattingly thought Carlos Frias pitched well again until he tired pitching his fourth inning.  For now, Frias isn't a candidate to start since Ryu is due back next weekend.  The Dodgers will continue to start Haren and Hernandez at the back end of the rotation.

Mattingly was not pleased with Yasiel Puig's baserunning mistake that turned into the third out of the triple play in the sixth inning, stressing that the organization has to keep teaching and help him grow.

"It is just the wrong play," Mattingly said and then Mattingly noted "this is the second time this almost exact thing happened and you would hope guys would learn from their mistakes because we just can't give up outs."

Mattingly wanted to see Miguel Rojas get some game experience in left field just to give Rojas another position that he could be used if needed.  Mattingly doesn't anticipate Rojas playing there in September with the expanded rosters.

Up next

The Dodgers will start a five game road trip with a two-game series against the Diamondbacks at Chase Field.  Roberto Hernandez is scheduled to start on Tuesday night and he will be followed by Clayton Kershaw on Wednesday night.