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Scott Van Slyke vs. Wade Miley

Christian Petersen

Scott Van Slyke is back in the starting lineup on Wednesday, which isn't a surprise since this is the 32nd start for Van Slyke in the Dodgers' 33 games against left-handed starting pitchers this season. But this is no ordinary lefty, with Wade Miley starting for the Diamondbacks.

Van Slyke is hitting .272/.412/.630 with eight doubles and seven home runs in 102 plate appearances against left-handers this season, and a large bulk of that damage has come against Miley.

Van Slyke has hit three home runs and three doubles against Miley this season, and has walked twice, in just 11 plate appearances. He has at least one extra-base hit in each of his four starts against Miley this season:

March 22 in Sydney
Double to LF (off the wall)
Home run to RF

April 12 in Phoenix
Double to LF (off the wall)
Fly out to CF

April 18 in Los Angeles
Strikeout swinging
Home run to RCF

May 16 in Phoenix
Fly out to CF
Double to LF
Home run to CF

In his career against Miley, Van Slyke is 7-for-16 with four home runs, three doubles and three walks, hitting .438/.526/1.375.

In other parts of the lineup, Adrian Gonzalez gets a day off, with the red-hot Justin Turner starting at first base. Miguel Rojas is at third base.