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Clayton Kershaw to pitch simulated game on Sunday, other pregame notes

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles -- Clayton Kershaw will pitch a simulated game on Sunday in preparation for the Division Series that starts next Friday.  "Probably more than a bullpen," Don Mattingly said, "around two innings."  Kershaw will then be back on his normal routine.

Mattingly said Hyun-Jin Ryu "will play catch on Saturday and then take a full on pen tomorrow."  Mattingly said Ryu's "delivery gives us confidence that he can throw strikes when he needs to."

That said, the Dodgers are paying close attention to how Ryu feels each day but with what happened earlier this year, Mattingly is confident in Ryu's ability to bounce back and pitch well.

Saturday and Sunday starters Dan Haren and Zack Greinke will each pitch about four to five innings.  Greinke may throw an extra pen with the extended time off between Sunday and his first Division Series start.

Mattingly did not schedule batting practice on Saturday.  "I just think right now, if you are not ready now, ten more swings isn't going to change anything."

Mattingly said that on Sunday, Juan Uribe will be the manager and Clayton Kershaw will be the pitching coach.  Mattingly thought about Ryu being the bullpen coach if he can get Ryu to understand what they say when they call down there.