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Kenley Jansen 4th Dodgers pitcher with 40 saves in a season

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In his second crack at it in as many games, Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen converted his 40th save of the season, becoming just the fourth Dodgers pitcher to reach that milestone.

Jansen is the first Dodgers pitcher with 40 saves in a season since Eric Gagne saved 45 games in 2004.

Gagne remains the gold standard for a three-year run as a Dodgers closer, or perhaps by any closer, but that Jansen is at least comparable is remarkable given that Jansen is a converted catcher who has only been pitching since 2009.

  • Gagne (2002-04): 152 saves, 1.79 ERA, 223 ERA+, 1.57 FIP, 365 strikeouts
  • Takashi Saito (2006-08): 81 saves, 1.95 ERA, 227 ERA+, 2.14 FIP, 245 strikeouts
  • Jansen (2012-14): 93 saves, 2.40 ERA, 153 ERA+, 2.11 FIP, 300 strikeouts

Jansen is on pace for 46 saves this season, which would put him in third place behind Gagne's 2003 and 2002 campaigns.

Jansen is two strikeouts behind Jake Diekman of the Phillies for the National League lead in relief strikeouts, and among NL relievers with 50 or more innings Jansen is 23rd in ERA but first in xFIP (1.92) and SIERA (1.57), and second in FIP (1.96).

With 40 saves, Jansen is two behind Craig Kimbrel of the Braves and Trevor Rosenthal of the Cardinals for the NL lead. Since moving to Los Angeles there have only been four Dodgers to lead the league in saves: Phil Regan (21 in 1966), Mike Marshall (21 in 1974), Worrell (44, tied in 1996) and Gagne (55 in 2003).