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Yasiel Puig out with stomach bug for Dodgers

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Harry How

LOS ANGELES -- Yasiel Puig is out of the Dodgers starting lineup for the fourth time in 12 games, sitting against the Diamondbacks again on Saturday night. But this time, the move isn't solely related to Puig's long slump at the plate.

Puig has a stomach bug and had to get intravenous fluids, manager Don Mattingly told reporters before Saturday's game.

With Puig sitting, Joc Pederson gets his third start in the last four games, starting in center field and batting seventh.

"This is an opportunity for Joc to do his thing, Mattingly said, per Pedro Moura of the Orange County Register.

Dee Gordon is back in the lineup after getting Friday off, hitting leadoff with Hanley Ramirez batting second, looking to wreak some havoc at the top.

Since Aug. 1 the Dodgers have only scored 10 runs in the first inning in 32 games, while giving up 17.

Leadoff men (Gordon the vast majority) in the first inning in that span are 6-for-30 (.200) with a pair of hit by pitches (.250 OBP), and have scored no runs.

Dodgers in the No. 2 spot (Puig the vast majority) in the first inning since Aug. 1 are also 6-for-30 (.200) with two walks (.250 OBP), and have scored two runs in 32 games.