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Watch Clayton Kershaw accept his 2014 NL Cy Young and MVP awards

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw had quite the eventful weekend. On Friday, his wife Ellen gave birth to the couple's first child, a baby girl named Cali Ann Kershaw. One day later the left-hander was in New York to accept his 2014 National League Cy Young and MVP awards at the annual Baseball Writers Association of America awards banquet.

Like last year, Dodgers legend Sandy Koufax presented Kershaw with the award(s).

"If writers still have their notes from last year, just change 25 years of age to 26, change two Cy Youngs to three, add one MVP and you're done. You're ready," Koufax joked.

Kershaw's eight-minute speech was heartfelt, funny at times (he called out manager Don Mattingly and bench coach Tim Wallach for their "old man workout routines," and thanked strength and conditioning coach Brian Stoneberg "for being jacked. It helps your credibility."), and full of thanks to the various people he encounters on his daily ballpark routine.

Kershaw thanked several teammates past and present, including A.J. Ellis, who has caught 86 of his 209 career starts.

"Thank you for everything," Kershaw said of Ellis. "Having you catch me as long as you have makes me realize that there is no one else I'd rather have back there than you."

Kershaw teared up and had to pause briefly when thanking his wife Ellen, the day after the two had their first child.

Finally, Kershaw ended his speech acknowledging his playoff nemesis the last two seasons, the Cardinals, against whom he has a 7.15 ERA and four losses in his last four playoff starts.

"My last thank you goes to the St. Louis Cardinals," Kershaw said. "Thank you for reminding me that you're never as good as you think you are."