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Jimmy Rollins starts, but no Chase Utley in Dodgers' NLDS Game 3 lineup

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Mets fans won't get their pound of flesh, at least not right away on Monday night, as Chase Utley is not starting for the Dodgers in Game 3 of the National League Division Series. But there is a former Phillies middle infielder in the Dodgers lineup, with Jimmy Rollins at shortstop.

Utley is 6-for-18 (.333) with a double and a home run in his career against Mets starter Matt Harvey, and was considered, but the Dodgers are sticking with Howie Kendrick at second base in Game 3.

"I usually don't talk about it until the day of the game, but [Utley] will definitely be a possibility," manager Don Mattingly said on Sunday.

To his credit, Mets manager Terry Collins said he told Harvey not to retaliate by throwing at any batters.

"This is too big a game," Collins said. "We don't need to worry about retaliating."

Rollins starts at shortstop over Corey Seager, likely because of defense behind ground ball machine Brett Anderson, starting on the mound for the Dodgers.

Though the three home runs at Citi Field by Rollins surely helped his cause, going 5-for-11 in New York. Rollins is 5-for-19 (.263) with two home runs, two doubles and two walks in his career against Harvey, including 2-for-5 (.400) with a home run this season.

Seager is 1-for-8 with four strikeouts and a double in the series, though the double was a pop fly that probably should have been caught by Michael Cuddyer in left field.

Yasmani Grandal is behind the plate, as he was in 18 of Anderson's 31 starts during the regular season.

The Mets switched up their lineup a little bit, going with defense in the outfield, putting Juan Lagares in center field and moving Yoenis Cespedes to left field after starting Cuddyer and Michael Conforto in left in the first two games of the series.

The other change for New York is obviously at shortstop, with Wilmer Flores starting as expected, after Ruben Tejada broke his leg.