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Don Mattingly on disappointing end to Dodgers season

Jayne-Kamin Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- I don't have much to add to an early end to yet another Dodgers, season, at least not right now. That could take some time, as will many decisions this offseason.

So for now, I leave you with manager Don Mattingly and his thoughts a few minutes after his season ended (skip to about 4:15):

"It's disappointing. I don't think it matters what it is. It's just disappointing. That's what I told the guys in there. There are really no words to describe how you feel right now," Mattingly said. "You come to spring training, you work all winter, you scratch, you fight, all year long to get into this situation and you have a chance. It comes to a crash."

"It doesn't matter if you expect it or whatever, we played three rookies tonight, so it's not like we're firing out whatever. But it's disappointing no matter what the situation is. You work too hard. You put in too many hours. You travel, you do things that guys go through to get here is extraordinary, and it comes to a crash and you can't -- I don't think there is anyway to soften that blow."

There will be time to talk Mattingly's future in the coming days. But for now, Rob Lowe for one is not a fan.