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Dodgers win 90 games 3 straight seasons for first time in 37 years

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

With the win on Friday night over the Padres, the Dodgers improved to 90-70 on the season and reached another milestone, winning 90 or more games for three seasons in a row for the first since since 1976-78.

The club has won its third straight National League West title, reaching the postseason for a third consecutive season for the first time in franchise history. The 90-win streak has been done before, but it is still quite rare in the 132-year history of the team.

The 1976 squad won 92 games, but finished 10 games behind the Big Red Machine, who would win the second of back-to-back World Series titles that year. The Dodgers, under new manager Tommy Lasorda, would win the National League pennant in both 1977 and 1978, winning 98 and 95 games, respectively.

The only other time the Dodgers have won 90 games in at least three straight years was when the Boys of Summer did so from six straight years, from 1951-1956.

However, the 162-game schedule has only been in place since 1962. If we adjust the threshold to a .556 winning percentage (90 wins in 162 games, or five wins out of nine), there are a few other periods to note.

In 1961 the Dodgers won 89 games, but that was the final year of the 154-game schedule. Pro-rated over 162 games, that was the equivalent of between a 93- or 94-win team. Coupled with 1962 (102-63) and 1963 (99-63), that's another stretch of three straight years.

The Dodgers also went 89-65 in 1950, when if using .556 as the criteria would have meant eight straight "90-win" seasons for those great Brookyn teams (1949-1956), a span that saw five pennants.

In addition the 1945 Dodgers (87-67) owned a .565 winning percentage, which would make the 1945-1947 period count as well.

Same goes for the 88-65 team in 1940, which was followed by teams that won 100 and 104 games the next two years.

This is the 38th time the Dodgers have won 90 or more games in a season in their 132-year franchise history, and the 49th time they achieved at least a .556 winning percentage.