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Gabe Kapler, Dave Martinez among favorites to become next Dodgers manager

Gabe Kapler is the favorite to become the next Dodgers manager, per Bovada.
Gabe Kapler is the favorite to become the next Dodgers manager, per Bovada.
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We are only on Day 5 of the Dodgers without a manager, with the selection process still taking shape. But for the most degenerate among us, that just means we have more time to wager on who Don Mattingly's replacement will be.

The folks at Bovada on Monday released odds for who would be the next Dodgers manager, and coming as no surprise, Gabe Kapler and Dave Martinez are the two favorites, which seems to match most published reports to date.

Here are the Bovada odds:

  • Gabe Kapler 5/4
  • Dave Martinez 5/2
  • Bud Black 6/1
  • Tim Wallach 7/1
  • Ron Roenicke 7/1
  • Dusty Baker 12/1
  • Phil Nevin 12/1
  • Bob Geren 15/1
  • Dave Roberts 15/1

For those unfamiliar with odds, 5/4 odds mean you have to bet $4 to win $5 if Kapler is named manager. Similarly, if you bet $1 on Ron Roenicke, you'd win $7 if he were named manager.

Bovada took the weekend to survey the field, but we can compare their odds to those of European-based Bookmaker, a sportsbook that released odds on Thursday, the day Mattingly and the Dodgers parted ways.

Bud Black was the favorite on Thursday, though it seems now Black and Dusty Baker are the two finalists in Washington, per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. Tim Bogar was also given +630 odds to be Dodgers manager last Thursday, though he's now off the board as he was named bench coach under manager Scott Servais in Seattle.

I have converted the Bovada odds to match the Bookmaker odds. As an example, +500 for Tim Wallach means you would win $500 on a $100 bet. The equivalent in odds is 5/1.

Odds to be next Dodgers manager
Candidate Thursday (Bookmaker) Monday (Bovada)
Gabe Kapler +550 +125
Dave Martinez +550 +250
Bud Black +425 +600
Tim Wallach +500 +700
Ron Roenicke +600 +700
Dusty Baker --- +1200
Phil Nevin --- +1200
Bob Geren --- +1500
Dave Roberts --- +1500
Bo Porter +735 ---
Bruce Bochy +800 ---
Ozzie Guillen +1050 ---

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Bruce Bochy won't be available, but just know that if you have money to burn he is someone you can bet on to be the next Dodgers manager.