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Vin Scully 'definitely' looking forward to calling Dodgers games in 2016

Harry How/Getty Images

Vin Scully reiterated his desire and intention to broadcast Dodgers games in 2016, for what he plans will be his last season. He sat down for an interview with Alanna Rizzo of SportsNet LA on Tuesday, that will air in its entirety on Thursday at 7 p.m. PT on the Dodgers network.

Scully missed the 2015 postseason for the Dodgers and was hospitalized after what the team termed a recommended medical procedure. Rizzo on Tuesday asked Scully if he still plans to return for 2016.

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"Yes. Oh yeah, definitely. I'm looking forward to next year. Maybe because it's my last year," Scully said. "I'm looking forward to it as much as my second year because I got by the first year and I was so thrilled that there was another one coming up, well that's how I feel about '16. I am chafing at the bit."

Next season will be Scully's 67th season calling Dodgers games, a world record for most years announcing with one team.