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Watch every Clayton Kershaw strikeout by the curveball in 2015

Public Enemy No. 1

There are few things more appealing to watch in the game of baseball than a backwards-K on a Clayton Kershaw curveball. The kind of pitch that makes Vin Scully, a master at putting words together to form beautiful pieces of poetry, shake his head and say, "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," as if he has just tasted a delicious dish.

Kershaw has transformed himself into the best pitcher in baseball since making his debut in 2008 for the Dodgers. During that time, the left-hander's curveball has developed into one of the best pitches in the game. Kershaw can effectively start it up around the eyes and throw it for a strike, or bury it in the dirt. Either way, the curve makes major league hitters look foolish.

The Dodger ace struck out a career-high 301 batters during the 2015 season and nearly a third (98) came on what Scully has deemed "Public Enemy No. 1."

Feast your eyes on each and every strikeout for Kershaw in 2015 that came by way of the curve.