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2015 Dodgers review: Xavier Cedeno

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Brian Blanco/Getty Images

When we look back at the Xavier Cedeno era with the Dodgers, we will remember fondly those six days.

What went right

One of the hallmarks of Farhan Zaidi as general manager is trying to maximize the fringes of the 40-man roster and beyond, which he described as "managing the roster from the bottom." One of the techniques used to implement that strategy is constantly combing the waiver wire, trying to incrementally improve whenever possible.

It leads to a roster churn with several players shuffling in and out of the final few spots of the 40-man roster. Some players after going through the waiver process again stick with the Dodgers as minor league depth, while others are lost again to another team trying to also add to the edges of its roster.

Such was the case with left-handed pitcher Xavier Cedeno, who the Dodgers acquired from the Nationals on April 21 for cash considerations. He was the third pitcher who was designated for assignment by his old team to be acquired by the Dodgers in a seven-day period, along with Ryan Dennick and Daniel Corcino. All three pitchers were designated for assignment by the Dodgers within four days of getting acquired. Dennick and Corcino were kept as minor league depth, but Cedeno was not.

What went wrong

By April 24 Cedeno was designated for assignment, making room on the 40-man roster for relief pitcher Sergio Santos, who was called up from Triple-A.

Three days later, Cedeno was traded to the Rays for cash considerations.

He never pitched for the Dodgers.

2015 particulars

Age: 28

Stats: 2.35 ERA, 3.26 FIP in 66 games with Nationals and Rays, 47 K, 14 BB in 46 IP

Salary: $516,500

Game of the year

Cedeno struck out four of six batters faced, getting a win in relief over the Yankees in Sept. 5 in New York.

Roster status

Cedeno remains on Tampa Bay's 40-man roster.