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Baseball America top 100 prospects: Corey Seager, Joc Pederson, Julio Urias crack top 10

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball America released its top 100 prospects for 2015 on Thursday night, and the Dodgers' usual suspects are near the top of the heap.

Corey Seager is rated as the fifth-best prospect in baseball by Baseball America, in its 25th year of ranking the best 100 prospects in baseball. Ahead of Seager BA's list are third baseman Kris Bryant (first) and shortstop Addison Russell (third) of the Cubs, outfielder Byron Buxton (second) of the Twins, and shortstop Carlos Correa (fourth) of the Astros.

Joc Pederson ranks eighth overall, his highest national ranking this season. Julio Urias checks in 10th overall, tied for his lowest national rank among BA, Baseball Prospects, ESPN, FanGraphs and Baseball America was the only publication of those five to rank Pederson ahead of Urias.

I am counting Urias as 10th because as of now that is the list. Though the MLB Network broadcast of the list mentioned that Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada would rate 10th once he signs somewhere. But to date Moncada is still a free agent.

Grant Holmes, the Dodgers' top pick in the 2014 draft, checks in at 74th overall, rated forth among Dodgers prospects as he is on every one of our five national rankings below.

We have a consensus top four Dodgers prospects, with Seager leading the pack, averaging 6.0 overall, finishing between fifth and seventh in baseball depending on the list. Urias has an average rank of 8.2, and Pederson 15.6.

2015 Dodgers top prospects
Player Pos Baseball America Baseball Prospectus ESPN FanGraphs Average rank
Corey Seager SS 1 (5th)
1 (7th)
1 (5th) 2 (6th) 1 (7th) 6.0
Julio Urias LHP 3 (10th)
2 (10th)
2 (9th) 1 (4th) 2 (8th) 8.2
Joc Pederson OF 2 (8th)
3 (18th)
3 (28th) 3 (11th) 3 (13th) 15.6
Grant Holmes RHP 4 (74th)
4 (79th)
4 (79th) 4 (89th) 4 (95th) 83.2