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Joel Peralta sidelined with shoulder discomfort

The right-hander will play catch on Sunday.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Dodgers relief pitcher Joel Peralta hasn't thrown a bullpen session in the first two days of spring training camp, and likely won't for the next few days, sidelined with discomfort in his shoulder.

Peralta, 39 in March, felt the discomfort a few weeks ago at home in the Dominican Republic, and immediately called the Dodgers medical staff.

The right-hander was examined but no MRI of his shoulder was taken. Peralta will throw in Sunday, but it won't be a bullpen session. Instead he will play catch.

"He's been a little behind schedule," manager Don Mattingly. "Everybody doesn't seem too worried, he's just a few days behind."

Peralta, who pitched the last four with the Rays under Andrew Friedman, has been one of the most durable relief pitchers in baseball in recent years. His 296 games pitched from 2011-2014 lead all pitchers, and his 269⅓ innings rank seventh among major league relievers during that span.

"Normally I play winter ball. I didn't pitch this year because, new team, I didn't want anything to happen to make Andrew look bad," Peralta said. "We talked about it. He didn't want me to pitch. Normally I talk him into it, get a couple inning in even if he doesn't want me to. But this year I didn't argue."

Peralta pitched in the Dominican Winter League seven times in eight years through 2013, but skipped this winter, and said the break in his routine may have contributed to his shoulder discomfort.

"I always like to pitch there to get me ready for spring training and have all my pitches ready," Peralta said. "But the season starts in April, we have a month and a half but I should be okay."