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Kenley Jansen, on crutches, reports to Dodgers camp

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen reported to camp on Monday on crutches and with a cast on his left foot, six days after having surgery to remove a growth on the fifth metatarsal bone.

Jansen is expected to miss anywhere from 8-12 weeks, meaning he will certainly open the season on the disabled list. The only question is whether he will be back pitching for the Dodgers in April or in May.

The closer first felt discomfort while running in January, then as it got progressively worse he notified team doctors.

"Anytime you feel something, you just realize you should go have it checked out," Jansen said.

Jansen said he might have been able to pitch through the bone growth, but that would have risked weakening the bone, which could have led to more serious injury, or even breaking of the bone.

"I'd rather have it taken care of and be 100 percent, and be ready for the season," Jansen said.

Team doctors told Jansen they didn't think the bone growth, which was essentially a fluid build-up, would return. It could have been much worse.

"It shocked me because I thought it was a minor thing. So many things are getting into your head, because you really don't know the answers until getting the MRI," Jansen said. "The X-ray scared everybody. But the MRI gave me good news that it wasn't a big thing."

Jansen's cast has a piece of tape with a reminder note that he is not to put any weight on his foot. He will be on crutches for five more days, expected to shift to a walking boot.

During his down time Jansen is still able to do upper body workouts. He will be reevaluated after his 3-4 weeks in the walking boot.