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Brett Hinds of Mastodon wears Dodgers uniform to Grammy Awards

No, Justin Turner didn't crash the Grammy Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles. But Brett Hinds of Mastodon did show up in a Dodgers uniform. Hinds wore road grays with No. 23. This is a picture of Hinds with the band on the red carpet.

That photo was one of the few available in which Hinds wasn't flipping off the camera.

Mastodon was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for "High Road", but lost out to Tenacious D.

Adrian Gonzalez approves of the fashion choice:

This puts the Dodgers halfway to a figurative EGOT, combined with Ned Colletti's appearance at the 2012 Oscars:

Mastodon photos by Larry Busacca | Getty Images