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Dodgers prank Dick Schaap during 1983 spring training

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The Dodgers pulled off a classic baseball prank on legendary journalist and sports broadcaster Dick Schaap 32 years ago in spring training.

The bit is to convince the mark - in this case Schaap - that a player is strong enough to lift three players at one time. There is betting involved to help convince the mark of the legitimacy of the stunt, but the key is to get the mark in the middle, interlocked with a player on his right and left.

This traps the mark with no way to get up, and instead of getting lifted, other players use the fact that he is trapped to dump things on or in his pants.

It is a classic locker room prank, and one my brothers and I tried to pull on one of my nieces when she was a teenager. Only our efforts were thwarted when my sister-in-law used super mom anxiety to execute a perfect linebacker tackle on my brother.

[h/t KQED]