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Dodgers 2015 profile: Buck Britton, joining the senior circuit

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Britton in 10 words or less

Infield/outfield utility man best suited for the National League.


Will Britton be able to break through for a spot on a rather deep Dodgers bench? Or will be be destined to remain in Triple-A Oklahoma City for 2015? Britton sets himself apart from fellow utility men Justin Turner, Darwin Barney, Enrique Hernandez, Alex Guerrero and Chris Heisey in one area (Darnell Sweeney, 24, is a switch-hitter).

"Being a left-handed hitter helps," Britton said. "I see a lot of the utility guys here are right-handed hitters."


"I feel like what I do as a player is beneficial to the National League, being a super utility, being able to play the outfield and move around," Britton said of his decision to sign with the Dodgers.

On Dodgers new front office...
"They called me on the first day of free agency. With the change, I felt a guy who they'd seen who can help them. I was in Baltimore when we made that whole transition. Sometimes you feel trapped being the guy who was there before the new regime. You see the guys that the new regime brings in, and the opportunities are there for them."


In the last two years in Double-A Bowie and Triple-A Norfolk in the Orioles' system Britton has played 91 games at third base, 77 games at second base, 31 games at first base, 12 games in left field, and has even pitched twice.

Britton is the older brother of Orioles closer Zach Britton.

Contract status

Britton signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers on Nov. 22, 2014, including an invitation to big league camp in spring training.


2013 - Double-A
27 270 12 8 .291/.340/.462 .359
2013 - Triple-A
27 243 10 5 .255/.313/.368 .311
2014 - Double-A
28 279 14 7 .317/.378/.464 .378
2014 - Triple-A
28 226 12 8 .254/.305/.439 .331
2015 projections - Age 29 season
Steamer -- -- -- .251/.292/.379 .296
ZiPS 492
22 10 .257/.296/.378 .298

2015 outlook

Britton is a long shot to play in the majors in 2015, even with his positional versatility. I will guess that he stays in Triple-A all season. What is your prediction? Be sure to leave your 2015 guesses in the comments.