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Kenley Jansen eyes return to Dodgers in 5 weeks

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen continues to rehab from foot surgery, and is eying a return to the Dodgers at the beginning of May, the right-hander said Saturday.

Jansen said his rehab plan has him pitching in the majors in five weeks, which would be the first few days of May, and 10½ weeks after his February 17 surgery to remove a growth from the fifth metatarsal bone of his right foot. The initial prognosis was anywhere from eight to 12 weeks.

"You just have to be really patient with it. It sounds far, five weeks is really far away, but it's really not," Jansen said. "It's right around the corner."

Jansen is currently in a walking boot, though that comes off Tuesday. He has been able to do cardiovascular work on the stationary bike and with a jump rope - "There's a lot of stuff I'm doing to get my heart rate up," he said. - and has been able to throw lightly.

For now, Jansen remains patient throughout the long rehab.

"You just have to go through the process. As a human being yes, you want to get out of it. You feel good, and want to start moving around," Jansen said. "But you have to go through the process, so you don't get any setbacks, and come back when you're supposed to come back."