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Zack Greinke throws live BP, will start Wednesday for Dodgers

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke threw two simulated innings to live hitters during batting practice in morning workouts on Friday, his final step before entering the spring training rotation.

Greinke threw 36 pitches to minor league hitters on the back fields at Camelback Ranch on Friday, his first time facing live hitters during camp. He had been limited to playing catch and bullpen sessions after receiving a lubricating injection in his right elbow at the start of camp. Greinke will now start for the Dodgers on Wednesday against the Cubs in Mesa.

The Dodgers have their first of four split-squad days today, with a pair of games, one in Maryvale against the Brewers and one at Camelback Ranch against the Mariners.

There is a late lineup change to the Dodgers' game at home. Yasmani Grandal was slated to catch against the Mariners but will now be the designated hitter. Austin Barnes, who was going to start at DH, will now catch instead.

There are a total of 10 minor leaguers suiting up for the Dodgers in Maryvale: pitchers Matt Shelton (No. 91), Steve Smith (93), Mike Thomas (92) and Dustin Richardson (97); catchers Kyle Farmer (89) and Ryan Scott (88); outfielders Jeremy Hazelbaker (82), Joey Curletta (96) and Travis Witherspoon (85); and first baseman Cody Bellinger (90).

There are 11 minor leaguers in uniform for the Dodgers at home as well: infielders Paul Hoenecke (88), Brandon Dixon (92), Nate Samson (81) and Jarek Cunningham (87); outfielder Malcolm Holland (82); catchers Julian Leon (90), Ralph Henriquez (85) and Spencer Navin (89); and pitchers Blake Smith (93), Jeremy Horst (98) and Chin-hui Tsao (91).