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Carl Crawford day-to-day after fouling ball off right shin

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Photo: Jon SooHoo | LA Dodgers

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford left Saturday afternoon's game against the Indians after three innings, shortly after fouling a ball off his right shin.

No X-Rays of the ex-Rays outfielder were taken, though Crawford did have his right shin wrapped in ice immediately on reaching the clubhouse. Crawford is listed as day-to-day.

Crawford fouled a pitch from Zach McAllister in the top of the fourth inning off his right shin, then after hopping around a bit was checked by team trainer Stan Conte. Crawford stayed in the game, and struck out swinging. He was replaced in the bottom of the inning in left field by Alex Guerrero.

"Right now it's not bad," Crawford said. "It's one of those things that usually you'll have a better idea of how it feels tomorrow."

Crawford said even though fouling the ball off his shin was painful he felt better after the game. He exited only about one inning earlier than he otherwise might have.

"I've been getting two at-bats," Crawford said. "I was probably going to get two at-bats anyway so there's no need to stress over a third at-bat."

Crawford wasn't scheduled to play on Sunday anyway, getting a planned day off after starting the last two days, as will most regulars in the early going of spring training.

"Tomorrow was off anyway for him," Mattingly said. "Just talking with Stan, he didn't sound too concerned, but obviously it's something you have to take care of. We got him out of there right away, got some ice on it to keep the swelling down. I don't think anybody thinks there is a break or anything. I think we're okay."

Crawford didn't sound too concerned that the injury would have any long-term ramifications, though it doesn't make it any less of a pain to deal with.

"It's one of those things you can't control," Crawford said. "It's frustrating but you just have to try to make it heal as fast as you can and get back on the field."