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Ryan Webb released by Dodgers, who bought draft pick for $2.7 million

Leon Halip/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- At the very least, we have a decent idea at the rough monetary value of a draft pick on the open market thanks to the oh-so-short Ryan Webb era in Los Angeles. The Dodgers released the right-handed relief pitcher on Monday, one day after he accepted an outright assignment to Triple-A Oklahoma City.

With five years of service time, Webb had the right to refuse his outright assignment to Triple-A, something he already did with Baltimore. On Sunday, he agreed to the assignment to Oklahoma City, but it appears something in the last 24 hours changed.

The Dodgers are on the hook for nearly all of Webb's $2.75 million salary, all but four days of the 183-day season. Though if he signs with another major league team the Dodgers will get some relief in the form of a pro-rated minimum salary of $507,500.

The full trade was Webb, minor league catcher Brian Ward and competitive balance round B pick (No. 74 overall in the 2015 draft) from the Orioles for minor league catcher Chris O`Brien and minor league pitcher Ben Rowen. Baltimore designated Webb for assignment on Monday and would have been responsible for his $2.75 million salary had the trade with the Dodgers not happened.

Which, with all due respect to the minor league players in the deal, reduces the trade to essentially $2.7 million for a draft pick.