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Dodgers proceeding with caution with Hyun-jin Ryu rehab

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- Consider this an update of sorts on Dodgers pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu, though it isn't much of an update at all. More of a checking in. Tuesday will mark a week since Ryu began his throwing program, though to date that hasn't meant much more than lightly playing catch.

"The first week was really trying to be careful with him, and just amp up from there," manager Don Mattingly said on Monday. "We're trying to be cautious, make sure he give himself the us best chance to be healthy when he gets back. The MRIs and reports have not shown anything different than when we first signed him. We're fairly comfortable that it's inflammation and we have to get that out of there. The first time when he took two or three days off before throwing, that wasn't enough."

Ryu is on the disabled list with a left shoulder impingement, and he last pitched in a game of any kind on March 17. Since starting throwing on Tuesday, Ryu has thrown every other day.

The Dodgers continue to take it slow with his rehab, though Mattingly said a return at some point in May was likely.

"Nobody has really given me a date. The progress to this point has been pretty tame. It's been every other day, and about 60 feet or so," Mattingly said. "I know that's going to be more aggressive going forward, and we'll just react how that program's going as he starts doing more."

David Huff will start for the Dodgers on Tuesday night, the first time the club needs a fifth starter this season. Depending on how the Dodgers maneuver their rotation, because of off days the Dodgers don't need a fifth starter after that until April 25, and then possibly May 5 before settling into a more normal five-man rotation.