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Dodgers notes: Joc Pederson, Sergio Santos, Kiké Hernandez, David Aardsma

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers finish up the Freeway Series and finish up their spring schedule on Saturday night, with Joc Pederson once again in the starting lineup against the Angels. But manager Don Mattingly still refuses to officially name Pederson his center fielder.

Saturday is Pederson's 20th start in center field this spring, with no other Dodger starting more than five games at the position. His 107 innings played at the position is almost twice as much as any other player this spring, with Chris Heisey in second at 55 innings.

"You can pretty much read between the lines and see what we're doing, but there are other conversations to have," Mattingly said. "The way we want to frame it is maybe different than you want to, so we want to make sure we have all those conversations."

Some of those conversations still to have involve final roster decisions, and all of those haven't happened yet. They likely will before the game, but the much-awaited roster news probably won't come until after the game.

"We still haven't had conversations with all the people that we need to," Mattingly said. "We always want to make sure we talk to the players before we talk to [the media], so they don't get ambushed."

One player that did already have the conversation is Sergio Santos, who was told he did not make the opening day roster.

Kiké Hernandez also got the bad news, per Pedro Moura of the Orange County Register.

"You still never get away from how hard it is to send a guy out, because it's everyone's idea to make an opening day roster," Mattingly said. "But in reality, those usually aren't the teams at the end; you end up with six to eight to 10 guys that are different by the end of the season."

David Aardsma has not been told if he made the team, though he and David Huff were the only two relievers in major league camp not to pitch on Thursday or Friday.

"We were all on the list to pitch. They told me I was going to pitch in the series, and just be ready when I do," Aardsma said. "You want to throw, especially when it's coming down to this, but that's their decision. It's nothing I can get frustrated one way or the other about. When the call comes down for me, I'll be ready."